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29 January 2022
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The Museu Nacional do Azulejo wellcomes all who wish to collaborate voluntarily with the museum in the preservation and research of tiles and ceramics.

Voluntários no projecto Devolver ao Olhar  

Being a volunteer in the museums and palaces of the national Institute of Museums and Conservation is an excellent opportunity to participate in the safekeeping of the national cultural heritage, in the acquisition of professional skills, in the construction of privileged opportunities for learning, and in the development of communication skills with the direct contact of cultural agents. These opportunities, together with social and cultural events, provide volunteers with the chance of getting to know, from inside, the cultural world. Being a volunteer is an opportunity to belong to a lively, creative and active community.  

Institute of Museums and Conservation

All departments of the MNAz provide volunteers with the opportunity to play a significant role in the projects which are being carried out. In this way, the museum aims at fulfilling all the diverse needs and expectations of these valuable collaborators.

 Projecto Devolcer ao Olhar

One of the projects wich is beiing developed at this moment is called Devolver ao Olhar (“Giving back to the view”) and it counts with the collaboration of 12 volunteers.
This support, vital to the project, consists in the identification of tiles and its integration into panels which will enrich the collection and exhibitions of the Museum.

Voluntários no projecto Devolver ao Olhar

Becoming a Volunteer

Documentation (in Portuguese)


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