In the exhibition rooms, in the library or in the offices, in the special occasions, at the reception, outside or inside the Museu, the support of our volunteers is essential to the quality of our service.

The volunteers are an inseparable part of the MNAz.
From daily tasks to opening nights, the volunteers of the museum help in several activities according to their schedules.

Who can be a Volunteer?

We have vacancies for everyone who is over 18 years old and who is available to commit himself/herself for a minimum period of time.

Advantages for being a Volunteer

The entrance of the volunteer in the museum and its exhibitions is free of charge.
The volunteer receives information and invitations for all the exhibitions and activities of the museum.
The volunteer has concessions in the shop and restaurant of the museum.

The Volunteers should:

Establish a commitment for a period of at least six months with a regular timetable.
Behave according to the MNAz’s police and rules.
Behave according to the Codes of Ethics and Conduto for volunteers.
Attend the programmes and sessions designed for volunteers in order to increase their knowledge about the collections and to improve their skills.
Cooperate with the museum’s team and with the other volunteers and accept the supervision e evalution of the volunteers’ work.
Communicate with the team ann with the supervisors. Ideas, comments and suggestions are welcome.
Be able to work in a team.
Have good communications skills.

If you are interested on becoming a volunteer at the MNAz, please contact:

Alexandre Pais, 218 100 340