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29 January 2022
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The Registrar Department (Inventory and Collection Management) is accountable for the inventorying, preventive conservation and movement of Museum assets.


The Research and Documentation department gathers and treats information on Azulejo (Tile) and Faience giving special attention to the one made and used in Portugal, with the purpose of developing the necessary knowledge needed for the correct classification of patrimony and to its divulgation in permanent exhibition, temporary exhibitions, catalogues and other publications.

Conservation and Restoration

Conservation and Restoration department develops through its practice and theoretic reflexion, methods and principles conducting to good Conservation and Restoration practices of the patrimony on Azulejo (Tile), as a museologic object or as a patrimony integrated in architecture, taking care yet of problems related to Ceramics.


The Education Department develops on a systematic basis, cultural and educational activities targeted to a specialized audience, and for the production of singular events and tools for the dissemination of the Museum and its collections for different audiences, inside and outside the museum.

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