The project "Me and the Museum" is the result of a partnership between the Museu Nacional do Azulejo and the Antonio Arroio Arts School, with the support of the Junta de Freguesia da Penha de França. The students from areas of Project and Tchnologies and Artistic Production - Ceramics, gave form to their own interpretations of objects in display in the Museum. With these creations our vision od these historical objects can be enriched.
Clay is probably the first material Man used to express artistic sensibility and has shown to be malleable enough even in this time where we look outside our planet in search of new worlds. Throughout History and different civilizations, each generation has left in ceramic a mark, longings and visions, desires and frustations. With this project we want to achieve a goal which is to give a new generation the pleasure of working in clay, and in doing so, to participate in the renewal of ceramic production.

Students: Ana Maria Alves Bento, Ângela Serra, Beatriz Pessoa, Carolina de Carvalho, Diogo Nunes, Francisco de Almeida Domingos, Joana d’ Assunção, Maria Beatriz Carvalho, Maria Beatriz Leote Henriques, Maria Chambino Torres, Maria Francisca Bastos, Marta Soares, Marta de Sousa Alvim, Teresa Magalhães.