The National Tile Museum in partnership with IADE-U, on the Investigation Project PTDC/EAT-HAT/121601/2010 Design in Portugal (1960-1974) financ by FCT e cofinanced by COMPETE, presents " Interior Art. Siza Vieira and the drawing of objects"

This temporary exhibition that tries to show how Siza Vieira complements the projection of spaces with the criation of objects, accordingly with the principles of a projectual process that reflects the concept of Total Art.
This exhibition project began in 2013 and tries to explain how this arquitect complements the spaces that he creates and what he pretends to project. From vision to imagination, from hand to drawing, the paths that are established in the creative process of the artefacts present in this exhibition, try to demonstrate how they are not only determinated by the physic properties of the material and/or its function, but also as a representation of an immaterial culture, with its semantic and symbolic values.
Being the Arts of Fire the vocation of the National Tile Museum (ceramics and glass) the objects made with these materials, conceived by arquitec Siza Vieira,will have a prominent position. Nevertheless, these objects were created to be associated to pieces made in other materials, so this exhibition will also present furniture, tapestry and jewelry, thus allowing to evince the main aspects of drawing and inner space of Siza Vieira’s universe and the way how, no matter the material or functionality of the object, certain principles remain constant and easily observable. One of the key elements of the exhibition is the presence of tilecraft, which is often ignored on the author’s work and that will have in this space a prominent postion and the reflection that it deserves.

Scientific Curator:Maria Helena Souto | IADE-U
Executive Curator:Alexandre Pais | MNAz

Museographic Project Consultants: João Pedro Falcão de Campos e Filipa Mourão, arquitects.