The ceramic work of Margalida Escales made in refractory dark paste, at her atelier in Pórtol, Majorca, evokes archaic sculptures whose memory History has forgotten.

Still, on the proposition that the artist now presents in Museu Nacional do Azulejo we can perceive a civilisation confront, materialising in timeless objects, simultaneously archaeological and contemporary

On one side the perception of structures similar to contemporary buildings, to the nocturnal movement of the great cities with their skyscrapers, whose illumination comes from its core and whose beauty is only really achieved on that time of the moon.

On the other, some structures evoke civilisations that make us dream, whether being guardian towers, lost divinity totems or steles with characters of extinguished languages, where the bright texture of the surface remembers places battered by the light of the sun

Also present do sculptured forms, vaguely anthropomorphic, seeming to witness the passage of time that removed its detail, reducing it to the condition of volumes and textures.