The Museu Nacional do Azulejo presents from April 9th to June 14th the exhibition “Fábrica de Louça de Miragaia”, curated by Margarida Rebelo Correia and organized by Museu Nacional Soares dos Reis, Oporto.
Fábrica de Miragaia (Miragaia Factory) is one of the oldest earthenware units of Oporto. It began its activity in 1775, founded by João da Rocha and his nephew João Bento da Rocha, and closed definitely in 1850.
During its labouring period it was one of the most important factories on the field of domestic and ornamental earthenware, having its owners associated it for some periods with other region factories, like the one of Massarelos and of Santo António do Vale de Piedade
Culminating the research which, in the last years, has being realized in the Museum an exhibition on this factory, whose production is largely represented in the collections, both exhibited and in store, was programmed. We also counted with the collaboration of several researchers, both on the field of ceramics as on the field of industrial archaeology and of numerous collectors that allowed the exhibition of their pieces, as well as the collaboration of other Museums.
The exhibition gives us a scope of the factory production on its various phases and its relation with other contemporary factories. Through the catalogue we can know the factory story, the techniques utilised and the kind of pieces produced.