from June 28 to September 21 

This exhibition gathers works of Tile and Ceramics of contemporary authors, represented in the museum's collection, allowing us to document, briefly, the confirmation of this two subjects in Portugal, along the last two decads of the 20th century.

Used continuously throughout five centuries, Tile had its language updated, between 1980 and 2000, by authors that began their production in the Fifties, and assured a continuity till present age, as is the case of Manuel Cargaleiro (n. 1927), Querubim Lapa (n. 1925), Rogério Ribeiro ( 1930-2008), or Cecília de Sousa (n. 1937).

In the last years emerged, with a noticeable presence on public spaces, the work of plastic artists to which Tile is not the central discipline but that found in the specific typologies and techniques of this support the adequate vehicle for affirming their own poetics.
Beginning in the Eighties, it belonged to the Metropolitano de Lisboa (Lisbon Underground), to make several orders that allowed a revitalisation of this public presence, reinforced, at the end of Nineties decade, through the orders made for Expo’ 98, nowadays Parque das Nações, a new space of great public visibility, allowing new ways of looking to this rooted Portuguese expression. 
As a sequence of aesthetics asserted in the Seventies, ceramic leaves more and more its utilitarian function, pointing decisively to its poetic vocation, in pieces exploring the plastic possibilities of different techniques and matters. 

Represented Artists:

Alda Nobre
Armando Correia
Armando José
Arnold Zimmermann
Bela Silva
Cecília de Sousa
Eduardo Nery
Heitor Figueiredo
Ilda Bragança
Ilda David
Ivan Chermayeff
Jorge Martins
Júlio Pomar
Lourdes Castro
Luís Camacho
Manuel Cargaleiro
Mário Castanheira
Maria José Oliveira
Paulo Óscar
Querubim Lapa
Rogério Ribeiro