Sylvan Bongard reflects about the sea. About the world that is hidden under this immense area and where the debris of the contemporary world are already part of an ecosystem that until very recently, as far as the history of the Earth is concerned, was still untouched by man. With an ironic humor, the way this ceramist sculptor portrays the inhabitants of the liquid depths reflects human characteristics.

With a safe technique supported by a strong imagination, where we feel echoes of authors of the past such as Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro or Jorge Barradas, Sylvain Bongard offers us a voyage to an area hidden to most of us, warning us, simultaneously, for the consequences of our presence. This is a world in permanent erosion and therefore in constant renewal.

It is never too much therefore to draw public attention to the enchantments and secrets of this Sea that everyone is missing. These sculptures can give us the sense that a symbiosis between mankind and the Sea is possible and that a healthy harmony between Man and the Ocean is within our reach.