Cristina Bolborea’s work recover, exploring the plasticity of clay to compose carpets and fabrics, richly interlaced. The manner in which these objects are arranged and juxtaposed within the space of this exhibition evokes the image of Islamic fairs, those places representing the game of memories connected to childhood and youth, the miraculous space where the strewn soft pillows invite us stop, sit down and listen.


The journey through memory expends upon the reasons designed end incised by an unknown traveller and on his impressions of these places, sumptuous images from those far off fairs and their products. The drawings travel thought time and impress us, immortalized in the immutability of matter and the silence, and the residual chromatics becomes the testimony of vivid and rich colours that once covered them. Among nowadays immutable fragility of these memories, architectural testimonials arise from the place to place, ruins of lost spaces. The bright floors reflects on the earth the sky brilliancy, the remains of a wall and even a column, the axial element of space and the only survivor of a temple forgotten today.


Magic lived here. In stranges and complex rings, fascinating objects where once unpredictable djinn took shelter.