Included in the Festival of Portuguese Culture in China, the exhibition “The Land of Glazed Cities, 500 years of Azulejo in Portugal” shows 60 pieces of the Museu Nacional do Azulejo that aim to present a panorama of the Art that might be considered as identitary of Portugal e the Portuguese culture, the Tile.

The exhibition begins with some of the first pieces that, in the beginning of the XVI century, came to decorate spaces, either palaces or religious buildings in our country and ends with pieces of the most renowned contemporary authors.

The exhibition also includes tiles made in Portugal between the XVII and XX centuries, either figuratives or patterned ones, used to interior covering as well as façades coating, pretending to show the axial characteristics of the use of tile in Portugal and the idea that in Portugal tile is everywhere.

The lifespan of its utilization is also a distinctive characteristic and that is also why you can see in this exhibition tiles used five hundred years ago and others that are between the most recent creations.

Last of all, with the present exhibition, we intend to clearly show the value of tile as support to the most different narratives and decorations, which allowed, over the time, that this was a privileged place for the encounter of the most diverse cultures and civilizations.