This room, with a new museography, shows works of the painters Gabriel del Barco (with works signed between 1691 and 1700) and P.M.P (activ between 1713 and 1725) and the atelier of the Oliveira Bernardes, from the first decades of the XVIII century, as well as a pannel from the dutch master Willem van der Kloet (1666-1747), belonging to an ensemble comissioned for Portugal in 1707.
The Ciclo dos Mestres was a period where the azulejos`painters assumed the status of artists and began to sign their works. These were painted in blue over white, citing the chinese porcelain, which the portuguese were the first to bring to Europe.
In this period of assertion of the baroque aesthetic, prevailed the figurative pannels comissioned by the church and aristocracy. 
They were organised in iconographic programs made up by narratives of the lives of Saints, Christ or the Virgin, but also with dailylife scenes, hunts or mithological representations.