The work “Praise of Vivacity” is a result of a collaboration with the Parish Council of Estrela and completes a series of panels of tiles of renowned Portuguese artists, like Maria Keil (1959), Carlos Botelho (1959), Júlio Pomar and Alice Jorge (1959), Sá Nogueira (1959) and Eduardo Nery (1994 and 2001), finishing the already known Tile Route of this important street of the capital. The project pretends to recover the artistic expression of tile, full of historic, artistic, local arquitectonic context, of memorial and national tradition, bringing it to the current days.
Curator: Mistaker Maker

Fait Divers Collection – well humoured expressions of free graphism. An author collection developed by the painter Júlio Resende within the partnership of Revigrés with authors and plastic artists, both national and international.