Friends and Guests:

Isabel Almasqué and António José Barros Veloso on the reading of tiles that characterize the streets of Lisbon.
October 25– saturday—from 15:30h
Cloister and Room LER + floor 1

On the proposals submitted for reading in the exhibition.
November 8– saturday—from 15:30h
Cloister and Room LER + floor 1
(contrary to what had been announced before, Isabel Alçada, Commissioner of the National Plan for Reading, will not be present, but the ceramist Ana Cordovil will)

Paula Reis, anchorwoman of the program CONSIGO (RTP 2) on accessibility at the Museum, from A to Z.
January 10, 2009– saturday—from 15:30h
Cloister and Room LER + floor 1

Ana Cordovil Wemans was born in Lisbon in 1956, where she lives and works in her own workshop.
She graduated in Art Education by the National Conservatory of Lisbon (1981).
In Paris, where she lived two years (19977/78), she studied at the Ecole du Louvre and attended the Atelier Farrey, painting and drawing.
Completed her artistic training in ARCO, a course of drawing and pottery, (1986-87) and the National Society of Fine Arts attending the three levels of the Course of design (1987-90). Performed work directly with children, in the social neighbours of the Relógio and Curraleiro (1973-74), in ALT of St. António dos Cavaleiros (1981-85) and in schools No. 16 and No. 165 in Lisbon (1986-88).
She followed, in the workshop, on various stages of training professionals of the Association "Recomeçar".
Runs ceramic goods for sale in the shops of the museums and national monuments desde1993. Cooperating in promoting the exhibition "The Hands Come" at the Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon (1980)
Collective Exhibition in Lisbon (2005) 
2nd show in Lisbon (2001)
1st show in Lisbon (2000)

Intervention in public space: 
Hotel Savoy Resort, Madeira (2000) 
Stª. Quitéria stairs, in Lisbon (2001)
Collaboration in the restoration of tiles of Teles Meneses’ Palace, in Lisbon (2001/2002).
Artist invited to exhibit in the "United Nations" in New York, April, 1998.
Artist invited by the IEFP for two exhibitions of handicrafts in FIL , in 1997 and 1998.
Artist invited by the IEFP to participate in the International Fair of Florence, 1997
Contacts Workshop:
Rua da Páscoa nº 12 R/C Dt. 1250-179 Lisboa|

The Room LER +, floor 1 of the Museu Nacional do Azulejo (National Tile Museum) is an invitation to the reading of books and monographs on the collections of the Museum, the tiles and ceramics, and also publications targeted to young adults on subjects of art and museology.
It offers itself as a space for a pause in the course of the visit, where the consultation of publications is free, offering more information on the issues of permanent and temporary exhibitions.
The program carried out within the room Ler + seeks to gather visitors and guests, in informal meetings around the book and recurring issues related to the museum, artistic heritage and culture in general.