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16 January 2022
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Azulejo (Tile)

Museu Nacional do Azulejo
25 x 18,5 cm; paperback; ed. port. With resumes in English
ISSN 0872-170-X
Resume: Edited since 1991, under the direction of João Castel-Branco Pereira (nº. 1 and 2) and Paulo Henriques (from nr. 3 on). Dedicated to question related to tile: history, ichnographic sources, conservation and restoration, register and museographic. Includes a news bulletin about the main activities of the Museu. Originally conceived as a yearly publication it has, however, an irregular periodicity.
Nr. 2 (1992)
Authors: Ana Paula Correia, Inocencio Perez Guillen, João Pedro Monteiro, João Castel-Branco Pereira, António Perla, Manuel Frango de Sousa
Resume: It has articles on authorship and dating of 16th century tiles, ichnographic interpretations of Portuguese tile sets of 16th and 17th centuries and Spanish rococo tile making. It includes yet articles on tile conservation and restoration in Seville.
Nº. 3 / 7 (1995-1999)
Authors: Dora Monteiro e Silva Alcântara, Teresa Campos, Ana Paula Rebelo Correia, José Meco, João Pedro Monteiro, Alexandre Pais, Luís de Moura Sobral
Resume: Contains articles exclusively dedicated to questions related with tile iconography in Portugal and Brazil.
Nr. 8 / 11 (2004)
Authors: Adília Alarcão, Lurdes Esteves, Maria Ondina Figueiredo, Paulo Henriques, João Pedro Monteiro, Alexandre Nobre Pais, João Pocinho, Renata Schneider
Resume:This edition of Azulejo magazine is dedicated to the theme of the Conservation and Restoration of Portugal tile patrimony, presenting articles of authors who reflect, theoretically as well as on their professional activity, on the different problems that may arise when registering, cataloguing, conserving and restoring. In this way, the first part deals with theoretic articles and a second one shows cases where the intervention of Museu Nacional do Azulejo was demanded.

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