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16 January 2022
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Igreja da Madre de DeusIgreja da Madre de Deus. História, Conservação e Restauro/ Madre de Deus Church. History, Conservation and Restoration
Museu Nacional do Azulejo
Lisboa, IPM, 2002
30 x 23 cm; 258 pp.; il colour; paperback; ed. port.
ISBN 972-776-114-3
Authors: Teresa Campos, Maria João Vilhena de Carvalho, Luís Casanovas, Paulo Henriques, João Herdade, João Paulo Martins, João Pedro Monteiro, José Alberto Seabra, Ana Isabel Seruya, Nuno Vassalo e Silva, Luís de Moura Sobral
Resume: Produced on the occasion of the campaign of works for conservation and restoration of the Church of the Convent of Madre de Deus, between 1999 and 2001. Contains historic studies on architecture, painting, sculpture, tile and on the conservation and restoration previous interventions. It also shows the methodology options adopted in the areas of acclimatization, painting, sculpture, wood carving and tile.

O Presépio da Madre de Deus
O Presépio da Madre de Deus / The Madre de Deus Crib

Museu Nacional do Azulejo
Lisboa, IPM, 2003/2004
29 x 22,5 cm; 144 pp.; 126 il.; paperback; ed. port. and engl.
ISBN 972-776-209-3
ISBN 972-776-04-7
Authors: Alexandre Nobre Pais, Laura Portugal Romão, Maria João Vilhena
Resume: Monograph that presents the Crib figures one by one, on the spatial sequence between the most advanced plane, the one of the shepherds, and the last plane, the one of the distant cities, territory whose centre is marked by the Holy Family and inhabited by a crowd of peasants, kings, cavalcades and soldiers, besides angels, playing music or announcing form heaven the mystery of Nativity. It also shows the fundamental works of research, interpretation, conservation and restoration to which the Crib was submitted.

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